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Normal check-in time is 3:00pm. Late check-ins are not a problem, although it's best to give us an approximate time you expect to arrive. We'll try to accommodate early check-in whenever we can; however, since our checkout time is Noon, if your cabin's occupied the night before your arrival, it will take us some time to get it cleaned and restocked. In that case, it's usually at least 2:00 before we can have them ready. In any event, let us know what time you'd like to arrive, and we'll do our best to work with you.

You'll need a credit card (All major credit cards accepted) to secure your reservation. We charge one night's rent, plus tax, to that card as a deposit. (Alternatively, you can prepay one night in advance by check or money order, provided that your reservation is made far enough in advance for us to receive the payment by mail. Reservations without a credit card cannot be made online, but we'll be glad to assist you by phone.) When you arrive, you may pay with credit card, cash, or personal check. Payment is normally made at check-in time, unless other arrangements have been made.

We charge one night's rent, plus tax, as a deposit. Alternatively, you can prepay one night in advance by check or money order, provided that your reservation is made far enough in advance for us to receive the payment by mail. Reservations without a credit card cannot be made online, but we'll be glad to assist you by phone.

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We know many of you don't consider it a real family vacation unless you can bring your four-legged family members along with you. We do welcome pets at Five Points; however, there are a couple of small restrictions, and there's a charge of $10 per night per pet. We do ask that pets be crated whenever they're left unattended in the cabin (a little issue of "separation anxiety" that can set in when they're left by themselves in a strange setting, and that can result in behavior that would never occur at home or in a more familiar setting). For their own protection, pets need to be kept on a leash when they're outside. And it should go without saying that all pets need to be social with other dogs, people, and children. Having said all that, we've had everything from the tiniest Chihuahuas to the largest Great Danes and Mastiffs stay in our cabins, and most everybody gets along fine. Of course, in addition to the pet charge, pet owners are responsible for any damage done by their pets.

Incidentally, dogs are welcome in Hot Springs National Park, as long as they're on a leash. And they're welcome at Garvan Woodland Gardens, also on a leash, of course. However, Garvan does charge for pets ~ the same as a children's ticket.

We currently have a limited area Wi-Fi that primarily covers the lakeside deck and gazebo. We're currently working to expedite area-wide Wi-Fi, with streaming videos and the ability to download movies, etc.

All of our cabins are non-smoking. However, guests are welcome to smoke outside the cabins and around the property.

Aside from the obvious size difference ~ the mid-size cabins are about half again as large as the small cabins, so each room is somewhat larger ~ the main differences are in the bedroom and bathroom. The small cabins have one bed in the bedroom, while the mid-size cabins have two beds in the one bedroom. All of our cabins have a futon couch in the living room that folds down into a comfortable double bed, so there's extra sleeping space for kids or an extra adult.

The small cabins also have a "jetted tub" in the bathroom, which is a standard-size bathtub with Jacuzzi-type jets. It's not a big, oversized Jacuzzi or hot tub, but it is a nice tub to relax in. There's also a showerhead if you prefer to just shower.

Also, please note that our ORIGINAL mid-size cabins (Cabins 1 & 2) have standard full or double beds, rather than queen-size beds, and have a shower ONLY (no tub of any kind in those two cabins). When we restored the original cabins about ten years ago, we added tubs where we could shoehorn them in, but some of the cabins simply didn't have a floor plan that would accommodate a tub. (Cabin 5 ~ the two-story two-bedroom cabin ~ also has a shower only.)

Our new mid-size cabins (Cabins A & B) have queen-size beds and have a tub/shower combo in the bathroom. However, they do not have the jetted tubs.

Cabins 1 & 2 have standard-size beds (also commonly called full or double beds). All the other cabins have queen-size beds.

Yes. We provide all linens, towels, paper towels, toilet paper, soaps, etc. In fact, we pretty much provide everything you'd expect at a hotel or motel ~ plus the breakfast "fixins". We don't, however, have daily maid service ~ simply ask us for anything you need from day to day.

All our cabins have either a fireplace with gas logs or a stove with gas logs. We've used gas logs, even in the two cabins that originally had wood-burning fireplaces, for convenience and safety. Most of our guests enjoy the convenience of simply turning the fire on...and our insurance company is a lot happier as well!

The mid-size cabins (1, 2, A & B) have stone fireplaces with gas logs. The original small cabins (3 & 4) have what's called a Mini-Hearth, which is a gas stove with small gas log mounted on a stone hearth and surround. The new small cabins (C & D) have an "old-style" stove with gas logs sitting on a tile hearth and surround. The two-bedroom cabins (5 & 6) have a free-standing stove with gas logs as well.

All our cabins have central heat, so the fireplaces and stoves are primarily for atmosphere. However, they can provide plenty of heat to take the chill off on a cool night, or to supplement the central heat in really cold weather.

All the kitchens include a stove, refrigerator, microwave oven, automatic coffeemaker, and toaster. We provide basic cookware (a couple of skillets and some pots) and utensils, along with dishes, silverware, glasses, etc. If you plan to do some gourmet cooking, you may want to bring additional cookware or other items, but you should be in good shape to cook a full breakfast or other basic vacation meals. The stoves have 4 burners and an oven, although they are classified as "apartment stoves" and are somewhat compact. Most of the stoves in the original cabins (Cabins 1-6) do not have a thermostat control on the oven, although you can vary the heat adequately for basic cooking and baking.

We stock the refrigerator before your arrival with things for breakfast, including eggs and bacon, English muffins, cinnamon rolls, orange juice and milk. In addition, we provide both regular and decaf coffee for the coffeemaker. As you need items replenished from day to day, just let us know and we'll be glad to provide them, so you'll have them the next morning.

Our cabins are spread out on a wooded hillside that slopes down to the lake. The straight-line distance to the lake varies with the individual cabins from about 65-75 feet to as much as 200 feet. Cabins 1 & 2 (the original mid-size cabins) and Cabins A & B (the new mid-size ones) sit partway up the hillside, and the bedroom end of them (which features a bunch of windows) overlooks the lake, which is about 65-75 feet away. Cabins 3 & 4 (the original small cabins) are further up the hillside, with #3 being about 200 feet up from the lake and #4 being about 150 feet from it. Cabins C & D (the new small cabins) are a bit closer, approximately 120 feet from the lake (and they have small decks off the bedroom that look down towards the lake). Cabins 5 & 6 (the two-bedroom cabins) face the lake and are about 75-80 feet from it. Cabins E & F (the new three-bedroom cabins) are actually the closest to the lake, with Cabin E being only about 2 feet from the water, and Cabin F a bit farther, perhaps 40 feet.

Please note that the distances that we've described are direct line of sight to the lake from the cabins. There's a large lakeside deck and gazebo, along with our lake swimming area, boat docks and launching ramp at the south end of the cabin area. That's an easy walk from any of the cabins, or you can drive down there if you'd prefer.

Our entire place is rather secluded ~ we're on the lake side of about 40 acres of woods, almost half a mile down a private road. Many people in Hot Springs don't even realize we're out here, and we like that just fine! The individual cabins are about 40-50 apart from one another, so you can see several other cabins from any given cabin, but you won't feel crowded in by your neighbors, as in a hotel or motel.

There's a grill between each pair of cabins, so you'll share it with one other cabin. That's usually not a problem, since not everyone is cooking outside every night, or even at the same time on the same night. However, the grills are large enough to share if necessary.

The grills are the type that look like a small oil drum turned on its side, and they open like a clamshell. You can get charcoal, lighter, and other supplies at the nearby Wal-Mart. Incidentally, Weldon's Meat Market is just over a mile away, and they have some of the best steaks you'll find anywhere!

Unfortunately, our insurance does not permit outdoor fires, except in the BBQ grills. There's just too much woods, pine needles, and leaves to safely have an outdoor fire. Because of this, we must ask our guests to confine their wienie-roasting and marshmallow-toasting to the grills.

We have a lake swimming area adjacent to our large lakeside deck and gazebo. There's a concrete apron about 30 feet wide that slopes down into the lake, and a sandy bottom once you get a foot or so deep. The bottom slopes gently, with no sudden drop-offs. There is a little silt in the water, so visibility underwater is a bit limited, but the water is clean and safe for swimming. Kids need to have adult supervision. The large tree-shaded deck adjacent to the swimming area provides a good vantage point, so you'll be right there when the kids yell excitedly, "Watch this, Momma!" or "Hey, Grandpa, watch me do this!"

We do have a boat ramp that can handle most size boats, from jet skis to fishing boats to runabouts and party barges. There's also several boat slips available at no charge to our guests. While we don't rent boats ourselves, we can refer you to several places that rent party barges (pontoon boats), and one that rents kayaks and paddle boards (and that will deliver and pick up your rentals).

Yes. You can fish from several hundred feet of seawall, or from our docks. A number of our guests have caught dinner fishing from the shoreline or boat docks.

We have about a mile of private road on our property. There's very little traffic other than our guests, so there's room to take a quiet walk or get a little exercise. In the winter months (early November through early March), Lake Hamilton is lowered several feet to allow for winter maintenance, and a good bit of the lakebed is exposed. Most of the lakebed around our area is shale or rock, and as soon as it dries a bit it offers a nice shoreline walking area where you'll find mussel shells, as well as the occasional fishing lure hooked on a stump or tree branch.

We're only five miles from Hot Springs National Park, which has miles of well-marked, well-maintained hiking trails, with beautiful views of the Historic Downtown and surrounding areas. Lake Catherine State Park, Garvan Woodland Gardens, Lake Ouachita State Park, and the Ouachita National Forest all offer walking and hiking adventures within a short driving distance of Five Points.

There are lots of things to do within the Hot Springs area. We'd be glad to recommend a couple, or you can check on the Hot Springs tourism website HERE.

We're less than a mile from the City Limits, although you'll never suspect it once you get out here. We're one mile off of Central Avenue (Highway 7), three miles from Oaklawn Park Racetrack, and five miles from the Downtown Historic District, Hot Springs National Park, and world-famous Bathhouse Row. There's a 24-hour Wal-Mart Supercenter just a mile away, as well as some other shops and several restaurants. There are a number of other shops, stores, and restaurants within another mile of Five Points, so you're never far away from fine dining and any food or supplies you need.

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